Step 1: Administrator and Company Information

Welcome To IPS AdvisorPro™

We appreciate your interest and look forward to helping you write consistent, high quality Investment Policy Statements quickly and easily. This page is where you provide the information regarding your company and who will be primary user of IPS AdvisorPro™. The next page will be where you provide your credit card information. Fields on this page with a red asterisk must be completed before you go onto the next page.

Account Administrator Information

Each company may have up to 5 users. The "Account Administrator" is the primary user. This person will be responsible for paying the bill and will have all the usage rights within IPS AdvisorPro™. The Account Administrator may grant any or all of those rights to any other user.


Company Information

You may upload your company logo now with the rest of your company's information, or you may wish to return to do so later by logging in as the account administrator. Permissible file formats are gif, jpg, and jpeg. The maximum file size of the logo is 2,048KB (or 2MB).

Company Address

Login Information

Please take a moment and select an appropriate Company ID for this account. All users will have to enter this Company ID when logging into the system. The User ID here is for the account administrator to use when logging in, likewise the password here is just for the account administrator. The password must be 8 or more characters in length and contain at least 2 letter characters (a-z) and 2 number characters (0-9).


Referral Information

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